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Hey, I greet you so spontaneously and comfortably to show a bit of my essence, I am  Angela Tovar, a specialist in planning, organizing and executing weddings and social events, I am trained to make your planning the best experience.

Specializing in ecclesiastical protocols of different rites and training in various areas required to make your event a success. I have preparation for the development of religious, ritual, egalitarian, symbolic, destination, elopement weddings.

I am sure that we will be able to capture its essence and that this will be a wonderful experience for you and your guests, we will travel through different trends, styles and we will make a unique wedding, impactful and worth remembering.


"Where there is a connection, there is magic" and only magic connects us with people who vibrate at the same frequency, this phrase defines me and I love finding partners with whom I can match and feel the same energy.



I love my work with my soul, I dedicate time, preparation and effort to deliver it to each couple. I am passionate about seeing the faces of happiness in each of them, knowing that every minute spent in the search for the details that make their B-day unique are reflected in a hug of gratitude that is above any retribution and that will be kept within the most beautiful memories.

If you ask me why I love my job, I am sure that there are still few arguments to explain and give a reason, however, here I try:

I love to see the eyes of the bride and groom as they dance, their nerves as they promise each other eternal love, their tears as they dedicate a song to each other, the immense embrace with theirs and the effusive and tireless toast of we did it .... I could go on but I would still run out of space. I live to see and celebrate the love of those who give me their dream wedding and trust in my work.


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